domingo, 31 de julho de 2011

Using Microsoft XBOX 360 controller for Windows with XBMC

  1. Check which controller string (related to USB_VENDOR) is logged in xbmc.log file (in windows this file is located in %APPDATA%\XBMC\ folder check for more info about the log file)
  2. Checking log file I could see my controller name: "Enabled Joystick: XBOX 360 For Windows (Controller)'
  3. The folder %ProgramFiles(x86)%\XBMC\system\keymaps contains a lot of keymaps for other controllers. So if you couldnt use your game controller. You should follow these steps, otherwise ignore this.
  4. Create a new keymap at %APPDATA%\XBMC\userdata\keymaps based on joystick.Microsoft.Xbox.Controller.S.xml file (you can even use the same keys set that are configured on this file)
  5. Change the following tag to your controller's name:
  6. Profit!

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